Posting Schedule

Each week, all students are required to post about their progress in some detail. This week the posts will just be introductions.

The posting schedule will be:

Monday – Kunal Bhalla, Daryl Koopersmith, Brian McKenna

Tuesday – Barry Carlyon, Justin Shreve, Sunil Kumar

Wednesday -Jon Stacey, Mike Whitfield, Alexandr Truhin

Thursday – Silviu Cristian Burca, Andrew Nacin, Francesco Laffi

Friday – Stas, Suscov, Wojciech Szkutnik, Matt Harzewski

Students must post by 11:59pm UTC on that day (which may be the next day for some, so plan accordingly).

If anyone would prefer to have their posting day on Saturday or Sunday due to work or school schedules, let me know and I can adjust the schedule if necessary.