Barry Carlyon – Introduction


This is my third year as a GSoC Student, and this year I find myself working for WordPress.

Previously I have worked with PHP on their bugtracker, and Aptitude CMS (aka Geeklog 2, Aptitude is a bit dead now tho), on a RSS/Feed work.

This year I am working with WordPress to create a Bugtracker, using WordPress itself as the core code. The idea being to replace to the current WordPress Bugtracker with something more suitable, and when a user/developer posts a bug, will be impressed by the fact that WordPress’es own Bugtracker is built upon WordPress! Hopefully building in all the current features, like the repository and IRC bot integrations, and adding some new features, suggestions are always welcome!

So I shall be posting here every Tuesday, (today is Tuesday), about my progress, thoughts, ideas and perhaps what I have done that week.

Today for example I find myself in a Dress rehearsal for a Michael Jackson Tribute show, here in Leeds University Union, UK. Of which I am the System Tech. assisting the Lighting Designer in rigging and programming the lighting desk.

So for now Hello! And see you next week.

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