Daryl Koopersmith – Introduction

Hey everyone,

I’m Daryl and this is my second year as a WordPress GSoC student. Last year I worked on building Elastic (a WYSIWYG theme generator) with Beau Lebens. Elastic turned out to be more of a prototype than a functioning product, so this year I’ll be working on a visual CSS editor with Beau Lebens (sound familiar?). I’ll write more about the project once the scope solidifies, but needless to say I’m excited. I’ll also be working closely with Andrew Nacin, whose GSoC project intersects wonderfully with my own.

This very moment I am studying for the final exam of my semester abroad at the University of Edinburgh (Okay, you caught me. I’m also working on menus for WP3.0. I’m addicted, what can I say?). In hours, I will be a rising senior majoring in computer science at Washington University in St. Louis.

This summer I’ll be living at home in New York (UTC -4). I occasionally blog (about WordPress and other fun things) and tweet a bit too. My apologies for such a short post, but I’m off to study. I can’t wait to see what you all code!