Truhin Alexandr (bumbu) – Introduction


I’m bumbu and this is my first year as a GSoC student. And yes – I’m WordPress GSoC student : )

My time is GMT+2 (UTC+3) so I am from eastern Europe. Right now I am at the end of the second university year studding Computer Science. But addicted mostly to web already for  5 years(my first HTML code). What I like are logic and user-friendly things, that’s why my WordPress GSoC project fits with me very well.

I will work around Dashboard Modules, their improving and adding some new of them. And of course I’ll need your help and feedback to recognize which new modules are more needed and desired, and what is not enough in old modules. So working/thinking together for better life : ))

I have a blog but I think that in this blog you’ll find almost everything about my work on project. Also my revised scope will be soon here Dashboard Modules – scope (the same as in right block).