Jon Stacey – Introduction

My name is Jon Stacey–an aspiring tech maven living in Lincoln Nebraska (CDT or UTC -5). I have just wrapped up my fourth and final year of undergraduate studies at Union College where I majored in Computer Information Systems. I will be continuing on to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln for postgraduate studies in Business Administration later this fall.

Project summary: API stream wrappers

Here is the abstract taken from my project proposal:

The goal of this project is to improve the file handling capabilities of WordPress by making PHP’s stream wrapper functionality a part of the File API. PHP stream wrappers allow virtually any type of resource to be represented as a normal file. Stream wrappers will make the implementation details of file management transparent to developers fostering cross plugin interoperability and increasing the flexibility of WordPress.

In other words, my goal is to provide a single API toolkit for WordPress that allows transparent file manipulation across boundaries. For example, a URI such as ‘youtube://pv5zWaTEVkI’ or ‘s3://bucket/file’ can be sent through the same API. Commands such as fopen() will automatically select the correct wrapper implementation to use. The end result being developers don’t need to directly worry about the underlying file handling implementations such as communicating with Amazon S3 [unless they’re writing wrappers 😉 ]. The flexible power of stream wrappers will open many doors down the road.

You may be interested in the revised API stream wrappers scope. The original project proposal can be found here.