Theme revisions, an introduction

I’m Andrew Nacin, from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. (UTC -4), and I am one of the core WordPress committers. I will be working on a theme revisions project, the scope of which will be finalized this week (and posted here). I met my mentors, Andy Skelton and Beau Lebens, at WordCamp San Francisco, and I am quite excited to be working on this project with their guidance.

I outlined the general idea of my project on my blog a few months ago, which is to develop an advanced theme revisioning system, improving the theme editor in the process. The abstract of my proposal:

I intend to build an advanced theme editing and revisioning system. The main focus would be to develop revisioning and snapshots for theme files (and themes themselves). In some respects, the project is a bundled series of improvements of the existing theme editor, which the project aims to replace in core. Revisions would be stored as a custom post type and would be backed by a diff engine. Additional goals are to identify and implement a replacement for CodePress and sandbox functions.php.

I would go further, but an idea to seamlessly utilize child themes hit some technical roadblocks during conversations in San Francisco, so that part of the project is going to be reworked into better child theme support in core.