Nice to meet you, I’m Stas

Hi everybody,
my name is Stas Sușcov, I’m a student at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania (UTC +3), and I’ll be working on BuddyPress LMS project (basically port ScholarPress to BuddyPress). Will be named LearnPress?!

The idea came up during the #wordpress-gsoc IRC session after I complained about the lack of teaching tools in BuddyPress, and promised (sort of :)) to write one once I get accepted. I also got lucky being mentored by Jeremy and Boone.

There’s a lot to discuss about concepts of the project and ideas, so I started a blog where people can start sharing opinions (also trolling, bikeshedding and blaming), read the component design and features and follow the development timeline. There’s wp-edu mailing list I use to ask for feedback from people directly involved in education using WordPress. The code will most probably be on github repos (TBA). I also use twitter.

Also, I use to write in my journal about free software in Romania and I love watching movies.

A revised scope of the project to be updated soon.