Wojtek Szkutnik – Introduction


My name is Wojtek Szkutnik. I live in the lovely city of Krakow, Poland (UTC+2). I’m currently studying Theoretical Computer Science at the Jagiellonian University, but my main occupation is being a web developer. I’m the co-owner of a browser game written in Django, Apocalypse (check out the blog in Polish for nice pictures, the rest is still under development ;). I also created the Open Mind Ratio for last.fm (the web app generating these annoying taste-o-meter charts that everyone posts on their profiles). Oh, and I love Open Source – helped the SilverStripe project during Google Highly Open (…).

During Google Summer of Code 2010, I will be hunting and fixing multiple bugs in WordPress, which (I hope) will help in a significant way to make it an even less buggy piece of software. I hope to improve various parts of the project – my tasks will be chosen mainly by Ryan Boren, who will be my mentor, and me, with regard to the tips given by the lead developers, but there will probably be a “community stage” in which everyone will be allowed to vote for my tasks. Expect my schedule for the following days to be published soon.

I hope to have a great summer with the WordPress community during my first GSoC year! You can follow me on Twitter ( @wojtekszkutnik ) and Google Buzz.