Hey all,

This week will be a slow start for me. I’ll be making wireframes, researching and vetting potential javascript UI tools (such as color pickers), and if time allows, writing a little code. I’ll post my revised scope soon—I just need to run a few things by Beau first. In short, I plan to release early and often.

Later this week I’ll be returning to the US from my semester abroad in Scotland. Unavoidably, my life currently consists of packing and goodbyes (and the occasional last hurrah). Once I’m back and the dust has settled I’ll have considerably more time to devote to GSoC.

In addition, my work on GSoC will continue to share the stage with menus as we hammer out the bugs before the 3.0 release. As 3.0 nears and the bug population dwindles I’ll be shifting more and more of my focus to GSoC.