I’m entering my last week of the University semester so I’ve been very busy with assignments and exams.

A code repository has been created. You can SVN checkout my current plugin from:

I’m also trying to quickly finalise my project proposal. My original proposal planned on dumping the SQL database and putting it on the new server by either:

  • Trying to connect to the new database server remotely (often not possible with shared hosts)
  • Uploading a migration PHP script and the database dump to the new host and trying to execute it (will probably exceed the PHP time limit on many shared hosts)

Because both of these methods have fairly common limitations, my mentor (dd32) directed me to look into using batch migration using something like XML-RPC. The plugin would then be able to:

  1. Copy the current WordPress install to the new host
  2. Serialise and POST a group of posts/pages to the new host using XML-RPC
  3. Continue step 2 until finished

That sounds pretty good and it should avoid the above limitations. We can also adapt it to all the other WordPress data like authors and options. The only problem is, how do we migrate plugin database tables? Theoretically, I could use a DESCRIBE query on each table and serialise each one using that description – I’m not sure if that solution would introduce any new problems, though.

Does anyone have any feedback on this new solution? Any alternative ideas for migrating tables originating from plugins?