Week 1: The Beginning

So its Day two of week one!

What have I done this week?

Well I finished off the end of the Michael Jackson show I mentioned last week, in total we have raised £4000 for charity!

Did some lighting for a Chiddy Bang gig.

And yesterday, since I’m starting to get clear of the end of uni now, I started setting up my local development environment.

So I’ve got my SVN access sorted for storing my Code on wordpress.org, details on that when there is something worth looking at, and grabbed a copy of WordPress 3, since Bugtracking requires different post types the inclusion of this in WordPress 3, means we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, as my mentor (Thorsten Ott) has put it.

So the remainder of this week, involves poking around WordPress 3, some preliminary coding, more packing up my student radio desk and my girlfriends houseparty, the day after she goes home for the some.

Tho tonight holds me playing Red Dead Redemption, on the 360, since that arrived in the post.

Right back to poking 🙂 See you in a week!