Setup Meter & Achievements – Week #1

Greetings and Salutations!

It has been a productive week, and we are underfoot.  Aside from imagining GSoC as a medieval journey on horseback, the setup meter has progressed nicely.  There is a full working prototype you can check out here.  The structure for adding tasks is relatively solidified, with new tasks being added on a plug-in basis.  There are still a few features to implement and a lot of foreseeable polish/enhancement work to be done.

With regard to my second undertaking – achievements – a clear and convenient progression has emerged.  The setup meter and achievements both aim to log user activity and then reflect activity with some display interface.  Achievements is a more social activity, and thus implies more complexity.  My preliminary thoughts are to code it as a BuddyPress plugin, but it may be too early to say given what is feasible within the scope of GSoC.

This week, I will progress the setup meter to a point that I can begin shifting focus to polish-related items and an attack plan for achievements.

Oh and here’s some screenshots from my page: