Hello world! (that greeting will never get old :D)

The proverbial ball is beginning to roll. Earlier this week it was decided to begin implementation as a plugin. Ideally this API will become a part of core, but it doesn’t need to be right now. This route will let us gauge community adoption and review the merits of merging into core at a later date.

The SVN repository has been setup here: http://gsoc.svn.wordpress.org/2010/jmstacey/

I created the basic repository structure and there are two plugin place holders right now. Stream Wrapper API (stream-wrapper-api) will be where the majority of work takes place. Stream Wrapper: Test (stream-wrapper-test) development will begin once the underlying API reaches critical mass and will serve as a test of the API as well as an example wrapper implementation for other wrapper developers.

I will be taking a crash course on PHPUnit this week. I want to leverage unit testing throughout the development process and am striving for near 100% code coverage when all is said and done.