BuddyPress Moderation – Week #1

This week I started working on the BuddyPress Moderation plugin.

After defining the plugin data model, how to make it integrate with bp activity loop and custom content types ( if interested check out this post ), I studied a bit how to apply OOP to wp plugins.

OOP in php is far from perfect (especially in php4, that is the version I have to use for having same requirements of wp & bp ), but I’m getting along with it thanks to some workarounds, good suggestions from hakre, previous oop experience (java).

If you are interested on wrapping plugins in classes I suggest you little examples I’ve found useful: shadowbox-js, sem-autolink-uri, lingulab-live and last but not the least check out also bp-moderation. Of course if you have suggestions or good resources leave a comment here :).

Also I’m trying to make it load only the part of the plugin strictly needed on every request, it differentiates 4 situations: frontend (usual page load) / backend (admin page load) / actions (ajax requests, action triggered by link) / installer (activation – deactivation )

Right now it doesn’t actually do anything, but by tomorrow I should finish a good part of the frontend and related actions.

That’s it for now.