Migration using XML-RPC

This week I’ve posted my updated proposal, you can view it here.

The biggest difference is that I’m no longer transferring SQL across domains. I’ll now be using XML-RPC to transfer the blog data! My plugin will upload an XML-RPC script to the remote host and then send across all core WordPress data (settings, options, pages, posts, everything) – plugins will have to register a hook to have their data transferred successfully.

To create the plugin, I’ve set up two separate WordPress blogs. My plugin will be installed on both hosts and I’ll make it so that they can talk XML-RPC together. I hope to have this working really well by next week.

I’ve started work on the plugin but I haven’t had much time to spend on it because I had an assignment due last night, another due today and another on Thursday. I’ll be spending a bit of time working on it this morning.

Again, you can follow my progress via SVN, here.