Weekly Status Update

So this week I managed a bit more work than the previous week — and hopefully lesser than I will in the next. I’ve started becoming much more comfortable with the WordPress code-base, moving around much more quickly and understanding what’s going on underneath.

The past week I’ve spent on starting a TwentyTen child theme for EventPress — both to show how events can be added to existing themes as well as to allow people to get started using events quickly, starting registration — this took me more time than I expected, and should be done by tomorrow. I’m following the way comments have been implemented, and will put in a detailed post as soon as I get it working.

I’m doing my best to avoid making new tables for registration — how much not making a new table affects performance is something I aim to profile and check after the mid-term break.

I’ve also done some work for the admin UI — you can read a few more details about what I’m thinking of here. I plan to keep this the same in both WP (backend) and BP (frontend) — getting this part working is my aim for this week/end.

(For those of you who remember my post-script about the plugin structure, I wrote a post about it here.)