It has been another week of hard work, a…

It has been another week of hard work, and I’ve completed a bit more on my project. I did have to do some moving near the end of the week, so I was unable to work for a few days. Despite that, I still feel like I made some good progress.

I began the week cleaning up my code. I didn’t want my theme’s functions.php to grow to an uncontrollable size, so I separated some of the code into the libraries. I also cleaned up the output and UI so that the theme was a little more usable.

Once I cleaned up the code, I worked on improving the search engine so that searching for ideas could be more easily accomplished. This consisted of bundling in the search engine work Andy Skelton and I completed for GSoC last year. The code I currently have sitting in the SVN repository is a mix of Andy’s code based on our summer work ( and my Search API and MySQL class (

The new search includes full text searching, filtering by content type (ideas, responses), filtering by taxonomies (including custom), filtering by categories, and also filtering by date.

Below are some screenshots:

I also setup a demo so everyone can try these features for themselves. The demo is up at and I will update it every time I finish a major piece of the software.

This week I will hopefully start on the trac feature (which shouldn’t be that difficult) and will also be taking the bus up to Chicago on Friday for WordCamp.

Have a good week everyone!

  • Justin