Status Update


This week went by setting up the WordPress UI, playing around with BuddyPress and setting it up. A screenshot of the backend, as it stands now:

Events Backend

Event Admin

I wanted to avoid adding loads of tiny boxes on the side column — or too many extra wide, but essentially empty metaboxes in the main area. Hence grouping everything into a ‘super’-metabox and allowing non-essential stuff to be disabled. Something I still have to work on is the User registration form, and allowing complete customization from the admin backend (that’s the project for the second half of this week).

The date/time popup is the Anytime plugin for jquery.

Currently I’m working on making a function that allows registering custom posts as components in BuddyPress — something that can be essentially summed up as taking bits and pieces of custom posts, wrapping them properly in functions and registering BuddyPress actions from the example component and voila — we have Custom Post Components! 😉 This bit of code is being kept separate from the rest of the plugin so that I can put it up somewhere separately for others to use (if anyone is interested).

That’s about it for this weeks status update — essentially, I should get a bare bones events plugin ready by this weekend, and then it’s time to add all the extra functionality!