Week 3: Finally a Start

So I am finally clear of all my university stuff (forever), twas the Summer Ball last Friday, an epic day of work followed by some partying, saw Florence and the Machine which was quite good.

But back to GSoC, me and my mentor today, ironed out some taxonomy stuff, and he pointed out we should be borrowing from Trac, which gives us a good starting point, especially when you take into consideration the fact that you need to import all the old bugs….. That is to say I had not initially considered this project a Trac replacement, but more of a straight bug tracker, which only makes this more fun 🙂

So we got that ironed out today as well as my SVN problem, was getting a MKOL error iirc, but did re-checkout and now we’re rolling, (I’m a Git user myself…..). Also getting my head around the bits of WordPress I didn’t know, things like starting a Plugin from Scratch, I’ve only ever modified others plugins to work on some WordPress sites I’ve helped out on, most notably one for the Lead singer of Hadouken, but thats another story.

So now we have the basics of the plugin and how it works with WordPress 3 and the custom post types. I also post early in the week (a Tuesday), so not really a whole lot to report coding wise. Gonna write a lot this week now that I am clear of stuff 🙂 But I am learning a lot about the bits I didn’t know about WordPress, that being the point of GSoC itself…

Catch you next week…. I’ll leave you with a quick screenshot: