WordCamp Chicago

I apologize now for any typos in this post. I am writing this from a phone on a bus on my way back from Chicago to Cleveland. I do get to use the awesome WordPress iPhone app though!

I did not get much done in terms of code this week – I did a little work in the admin for managing the roles/permissions for the many new features but still need to figure that out and do more work for it to be complete. No screenshots this week!

The major thing for this week of GSoC was attending WordCamp Chicago. I got to meet some great people from the .org community, Automattic, pagely, etc (probably to many to list in this post). I also got to hear some awesome speakers.

After the conference on Saturday, Jane and I got to work on the project together in person. So we did a progress update, decided on some new additions/improvments (new flags for searching, voting comments, etc) and also identified some UI needs.

In addition to the WordCamp I also decided to do some sight seeing on Monday/Sunday Evening (I promptly fell asleep after the conference Saturday..). It was an awesome first trip to Chicago.

Have a good rest of the week everybody!