This week I did three main things on the…

This week I did three main things on the project.

1) I cleaned up the repository quite a bit. The project will include the base theme and some optional plugins, so I needed to move some things around. I now have two separate repositories. One is for the main “IdeaPress” theme ( and the other one is for the Trac plugin (

I also did some brief code fixing. I have a habit of getting very unorganized very quickly, so it is always good for me to stop and take a minute to clean up.

2) I worked on a base for the moderation element (mostly planning, a permission, and some hooks) because that is the next major piece to work on.

3) I wrote the Trac integration plugin that hooks into the theme. It is a simple script that attaches to a moderation row hook and adds a “Post to Trac” button below the idea. When the button is clicked, the moderator is directed to a Trac posting form and he/she can review the content for the ticket (with all original formatting and a link back to the idea) and then post the ticket if desired. Here is an example ticket.


This weekend I also tried to de-stress by going camping with friends. It was a nice little break from technology, but I’m back in full swing today. I hope to knock out some of the moderation features next.

Have a good week everybody.