I’ve slowly started catching up on my backlog thanks to finally being fully free from my Civil internship. Currently I’m working on getting registration working properly in both the back end and front end —

Initially I had planned storing registration data as post meta data for the events that users were registering for — with custom fields for registration stored as serialized information in the database with the key being something along the lines of userid. However, I recently realized that it would be much better — in terms of getting access to the admin UI easily and also for really being able to extend registrations — if I made registrations another custom post type.

I’ve been working on that since then — at the moment I’ve got the post type registered, etc. but for moderation I decided to go with my own custom statuses for the post (thanks to a conversation with jjj) — using register_post_status — as publish, draft, etc. don’t make too much sense for registrations; rather I needed some statuses that I could use to moderate the data. This bit has taken me a fair amount of time — in parts due to a slight lack of documentation, as well as some difficulty I had in getting my custom status to display properly in the admin UI — a lot of digging through the code has allowed me to solve that probem atleast. I should be over with registration quickly now — for both WP and BP without any major hurdles.

After that — most probably I should be able to reach back on schedule within this week — I might get in an extra status update on this blog this week.