This past week I ended up being complete…

This past week I ended up being completely swamped with work at the University. I’ve been involved for the past 2 years with a program through Kent State University that attempts to improve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in Ohio. Usually the program works with students. But a teacher workshop has been planned, and I have been involved with getting that set up. (Side note: This is pretty much the only other thing I am doing this summer. No classes!) I’ll also be helping out a few more days this week, but by the end of the week I should be back to full WordPress speed again. Oh yeah, I also got an iPad through the program!

Before I start into what I completed this week, I want to do a brief time and progress check. I am still very much on track. I only have a few more of the main points/features left on my proposal to complete.

These are:

Improved Reporting Features (flagging for user and viewing reports for moderators), popularity system (Twitter plugin), posting limits, a dashboard widget plugin, and a redesigned new ideas homepage.

My proposal blocked out about 21 days for these features, and we have about 22 days left before the midterm is due. The homepage is mostly UI work (the functionality will derive from the other features), which is something that I can work on with the UI team during the rest of the summer. I have also generously padded the days allotted for the above features. Overall, I am feeling pretty good about the progress, and I believe I could end up with extra time to work and improve everything before the midterm.

This week I was able to work some more on the moderation features. The main feature created was the “summary of resolution” feature which uses custom post types so new “canned responses” (in Gmail terms) can be created and then selected when a moderator is viewing an idea. These responses could say things such as “This idea should be left to plugins.” or “This is not a feature that should be a part of core WordPress” and would be displayed prominently on the Idea page so that users would know the official stance of the community.

Again, once the workshops wrap up this week I’m going to try to knock out the rest of the moderation and reporting work. Hopefully there should be more to report next week!

Good luck with your work and enjoy your week!