Week 5 – Um ya BUGS, as HUGE as my feet!?

So a day late….whoops

Didn’t get quite as much done last week as intended…ended up driving a boat for the better part of 97 miles.

On the upside I’m now onto front end displaying having fixed a long running bug with displaying taxonomy values…tho for some reason WordPress keeps dumping the contents of the taxonomy table, the table that stores post_id with taxonomy_id, but I’ve given up fixing it for now.

I found and solved a bug in my plugin regarding globals in the activation routine, thats what you get for not reading the docs fully. (Was throwing a extra characters on activation of the plugin error, which indicated bad globalisation of variables eventually took a fair bit of tracking down tho).

Hit another bug (front end), since one of my global vars were overwriting a WordPress Core bug…. fixed that.

So now onwards and upwards with front end displaying…. Much to do…back to it now

I was going to add something else but I have forgotten what….