Dashboard Modules – week #5

Very diverse and cool week.

Everything  started with dieing of my hard disc on desktop just in next morning after posting of my weekly update. After using winXP a lot of years, I decided to move ( with such great occasion ) to win7. Maybe my HP is so pretentious but I’ll never do it again, so downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 and now I am free and happy ( of course need some time for to get in touch and get some skills – no wit will be my basic working OS ).

At Friday somehow finished with one friend one web-site for our university group and submitted it  to our local IT contest “iTineret”.

Also I finally got my welcome package – it is not so important, but it is pleasantly : )

But even if I loosed a good bunch of time on all this things, I did some work on my scope. How I sad in comment to stas, I was planning to update my svn in weekend, but at the beginning my new OS did a lot of problems ( the worst one was with my code editor and it’s connection to ftp ) which delayed a bit my work, and when I came back to codding on Users Module, I had to start to implement some ajax functions. But I tried to do it in a such a way that if JavaScript is off, this should not decrease modules functionalities, and I did it. Of course – principle is simple – if JavaScript is active, our script is changing events on buttons and stops from page jumping/redirecting, if not, it acts as we didn’t even know about JavaScript existence. Other thing was to implement this in modules in a such a way – not to have code repetitions ( thanks to WP rich api ).

So right now have to finish with implementation of such functionality to all modules, in the same time have to finish users module, and after this I plan to create one unique JavaScript function and maybe some small changes to dashboard api functions to do it more compatible.