BuddyPress Moderation – Week #5

At last BuddyPress Moderation is done! I mean the part I had to do before mid-term, of course it can still be enhanced and documented after mid-term.

Now I’ll have to work hard because I’m late with the bp-album part, but at least one big part of the project is done.

In details this week I finished the backend member view (sql query there was hard), bug fixing, minor enhancement and content types for each default component of buddypress ( status update, activity comment, blog post, blog comment, member, group, forum post, forum topic ).

In case someone was waiting for this, remember this is still a testing version and if you wait tomorrow I’ll post the reference version for testing and feedback in wp plugin repo.

P.S.: other students, check out this video lecture Elements of Programming Style, you’ll probably find it interesting, link originally suggested by hakre