This week I integrated EditArea to play with it, but not a day later, Matt showed me CodeMirror, which looks both lighter and better. EA had a release early this year, but otherwise little activity from there, which was concerning. History is not on our side here. We don’t want to integrate a dead project, which is what happened with CodePress. (It hadn’t been developed for more than a year in a half when it was first introduced in WordPress. Introduced in 2.8; pulled in 2.8.1 due to bugs and browser support.) On the other hand, CM looks to be actively developed (last release earlier this month).

I have an email out to the EA developer, sent a good three months ago, with no reply, so this is a no-brainer at this point. (I plan to reach out to the CM dev this week.) I also plan to ask Andrew Ozz and Daryl Koopersmith give me feedback on the JS quality, but I’m confident CM is a good choice from what I’ve seen.

Enough about third-party code:

I spent a good deal this week working on the revisions API. While you don’t want to see my whiteboard, the code might just be worse (own worst critic?), so I’m going to spend some time this weekend cleaning it up before checking it in. That should complete the revisions API, and allow me to integrate it with the theme editor.