Status Update


This has been a slightly more productive week — registration is finally working properly, both on admin/frontend and in bp/wp — metaboxes are working/saving data properly and registration has it’s own template tags for easy theming.

At the moment I’m coding up the front end editor for events in BuddyPress: up till now I’ve managed to resist making custom post types + buddypress EventPress specific — as long as I manage to keep it up, the code will be pretty much reusable as is (with some cleanup, of course) for any other custom post types (adding a directory, editing, etc.)

In this week I’ll be spending a day or two on capabilities — both for matching groups to eventpress, registration capabilities and tieing up event editing capabilities with the corresponding registration editing capabilities.

Another two days for adding forums, and one day for adding the widgets and tieing up activities and post creation — I just need to add actions for reg and event post type creation.

So by my next post I hope to be able to announce being in sync with the schedule I posted.

A question for something I’ll start next week — while adding support for maps, should I go in for the Google Maps API, or the Yahoo Maps API?