Last week was an awesome week. The works…

Last week was an awesome week. The workshops I mentioned before were quite successful, and I came out of the experience with some new knowledge, new contacts, and a new iPad.

I also accomplished an amazing amount of work on the GSoC side of things. I finished 4 (yes 4) major points on my scope, which pretty much brings me to the end of my list of planned features.

1) I completed the report feature, which to the user will look like Craigslist reporting. Users are given some special options for flagging, and if they flag a post, a report will be visible to the moderators. Moderators can either go to a special “reports” page in the ACP or view the recent reports in a new dashboard widget. This feature was built with a special custom post type.

2) I completed the “popularity” feature, which is essentially just twitter functionality wrapped into the IdeaPress theme as a plugin. This particular plugin is a modified version of the TweetMeme plugin. I cleaned up the code, removed and changed some features to make it specific to IdeaPress, and added localization.

3) I completed the companion dashboard plugin. Each installation of IdeaPress can release its own special downloadable plugin which adds a new dashboard plugin. This dashboard plugin allows the remote posting of ideas. The thought behind this was that the best ideas for WordPress will come from when someone is actually inside/using WordPress. Mainly this feature was for, but I wanted to create a releasable version as well. Once the summer progresses and an install is used on I may turn that feature into a patch.

4) The posting limits feature/setting is complete. The admin can set the number of open ideas they want users to be able to post. The thought behind this was to make people think about the feedback they are leaving. The feature can also be turned off.

Note: As I was working on this setting I realized that we would need some sort of status for marking an idea as closed. I didn’t want to used the comments closed/open status because I thought perhaps an administrator may want comments to be available but also have the idea marked as completed. I decided to go with the ping status because I don’t plan on having trackbacks for ideas anymore. I figured post meta would be too difficult to use because I wanted to be able to run a simple query on the posts table to see how many are open and how many are closed and not have to worry about a meta value not existing on a post. If anyone has a better idea please let me know.

This leaves me with just some homepage functionality I want to complete before the midterm. That shouldn’t be too difficult because I believe most of the homepage work will be UI items, which I have scheduled for the second half of the summer.

I also have a small to do list of items that I want to clean up or change, so I will probably also focus on these things. Finally, there are some additional requests I’ve been asked to do (further search filters, voting on comments) which I will also try to complete before the midterm.

This is the final stretch! Good luck everyone!

As always here are some screenshots of these features: