Hey all, late update this week.

This week I began fitting some of the pieces into the UI and immediately found it too cluttered, so I decided to take another approach. The new approach clears out some unnecessary controls, pulls the preview into the workflow, and allows active controls to occupy more space.

I’ve also been shifting the UI from mockup to code, there are continually more things with moving bits and pieces instead of sitting there and looking pretty. I’ll continue coding the remaining static UI bits this week.

I was originally using the meta-box core functions to generate my side panels, but I found that I was both hacking behind the functions and providing an interface to the functions. This wasn’t entirely sensible, so I’ve rolled my own panel UI. It’s just about done; I now have to tweak the JavaScript side of things.

This week I plan on finishing up the generic panel code, implementing the rest of the selector workflow, and adding a few new panels.