Setup Completion – week 6

Missed my posting day of Wednesday for a variety of reasons.  Am pleased to report that direction of the setup completion is taking a slightly different, more encompassing direction.  That is, rather than a concrete list of 10 or so tasks to be performed upon installation, tasks are now assigned on a dynamic basis.  This means if a user creates a category and their default category is still “uncategorized”, the user can now be nudged that they might like to change the default category.  This usage can be extended into a variety of areas, and can even lend itself to 3rd party plugins/content.

Code-wise, not much progress.  Of course it is always ideal to stuff planning away into a glass jar early on, but it is nonetheless what makes coding so darn interesting (in a darn difficult sort of way).  The plan from here is to restructure the already coded tasks, lensing them with this newfound perspective.  Following that, the new dynamics can be accounted for on a API-basis.