The project is still progressing very we…

The project is still progressing very well. I added some of the features Jane and I discussed in Chicago:

  • Comments can be voted on. Comment voting looks just like solutions and ideas voting but will most likely look simpler when the UI changes are made.
  • There is a special bookmarklet/favorites menu script that allows you to post an idea from any site.
  • A closed and open filter has been added to the search system so we can view just open ideas if we want.
  • When you begin to type tags in the posting form, a live search runs so that you can review possible duplicate postings.

I also did some general code cleanup concerning things such as prefixing functions/variables, fixing my activation/installer code, language loading, and merging changes from the 3.0 final version of TwentyTen (since I began coding with an older version). Overall, it was a good week for the project.

I’ll most likely continue fixing things up this week and perhaps work with the UI team. (

Have a good week everyone!