BuddyPress Album – Week #7

This week I was going to miss my posting day, I hadn’t realized it is already Thursday until I got the notification of scribu’s new post and I thought I usually write on the same day of him 🙂

Last week I worked a lot and I think I managed to do the ‘hard’ work of the bp-album part: code refactoring, db changes, new handlers for media upload and adding by url (both oEmbed and remote media), validation with media type checking, media modules system ( each module is a class that must implement the media module interface and can implement other interfaces depending on its features and its level of integration with bp-album).

But all the ‘new’ code is still unconnected to the actual plugin frontend, so I still have nothing to show on this, but I should (actually I have to because there are only few days until midterm) have it working in next days 🙂