Setup Completion – Week #7

Done a rewrite of the codebase, incorporating a lot of what I’ve learned and the revised scope/goal of the project. This includes redundancy with custom actions for the task system as well as use of the transients/options/user_meta APIs. Starting to put some thought into task priority, which is interesting. What I’m learning is that any kind of hook is just a means of giving generic feedback to a task, rather than simply completion data. For instance, as a “Find widgets on” task, I might be interested when the “Update Sidebar” task is completed. That is, a task can hook in when a certain task completes, notify the system ‘hey urgent need here!’ and then have a message likely displayed as a result.  This is very beneficial for determining context, which I think is largely where this plugin can be useful.

Hope to get out of the whole rewrite and back into more display/results soon.