Files and Data, Together

This week I fixed some FTP problems and combined it with my data migration. I also spent some time to make both work with new installs of WordPress (existing installs work fine).

I’m looking for people to start testing this for me. I’m interested in hearing any problems or suggestions for the plugin.

Here’s a zip archive of the 2010-07-13 version:

This version exposes some security holes – I don’t recommend using it on production websites. If you need any help or have an problems, you can email me,

Little Migration Guide

Press the Migrate button under Settings

Enter in the FTP credentials (at the moment this form requires a password – sorry, no anonymous logins)

This brings up a path browser, you can browse to the directory you want to move to

When you’re in the directory you want to migrate to, press Use this path

You then have to put in:

  1. What the new URL of the blog will be after migration
  2. The new wp-config.php details

The plugin will now start migrating things – it’s finished when the Loading… message disappears

Lots of messages will show, telling you that it transferred files and that it migrated posts, settings, etc.

That’s the total workflow – and it kind of sucks. I’ll be talking to the WordPress UI team soon so that we can sort the mess out. Until then, help me out with making it much more stable!