Hey kids. It’s midterm week! What does this mean?

  • Your project should now be a working, functioning product. (For those of you working on a variety of patches, you should have a large collection of approved/applied patches.) The second half of the summer term is intended for UI work, testing, optimization, revision, documentation, integration, etc. If you have not finished your major features yet, you are behind.
  • Your mentor will be evaluating your work for the sake of moving forward. If you Pass, Google will give you money, and you will move on to the second half of the term. If you Fail, you will not be paid and will not move on to the second half of the term.
  • You will also need to evaluate your mentor. A couple of you have already done so, but for everyone else, log in to the gsoc site, and there will be a red link in the lower left hand nav for you to fill out the evaluation.
  • Each passing student will be given a one-hour time slot next week for an IRC-based presentation of the project to date, so the community can ask questions, give feedback, etc. Please leave any notes on your availability and current time zone in a comment on this post. Each failing student will be contacted to find out what we could have done better to help you pass, if it was not simply a result of taking on too much at once.
  • UI Review. Some of the bigger projects have already gotten in touch about getting UI help in the second half of term. There will be a UI review of every project, even if no help was requested, to ensure that any admin UI is congruent with the WordPress UI. For those projects big enough to need full-on design help, we’ll get you some design help from the UI group.
  • If there’s anything you’re working on that you haven’t shown your mentor, make sure you do so today! If your mentor has not seen the code, then it doesn’t exist, as far as evaluations go, so please, get your mentor access to your latest code!