Dashboard Modules – week #8

A quite busy week, first day started with leaving my home at 6 a.m. without any sleeping for 1 day, after – my first visit of Romania and 3 days flied as few awesome moments. A day of trainings, a day of working, and the last day : competition with ready machines and awarding – this is RoBEC in few words. Oh yes – our team didn’t get into first 3 places. But we had great time, meet cool people and had awesome experience.

After I was at few lessons about Computer Protocols in my country which is still going for few more days.

And yesterday, or today ( not sure if still in some countries is 14 of July ) was my birthday. Yey – now I have 21 and I can go to USA and use all my right as mature ( in our country maturity is at 18 ).

As this week I was less at PC, I did not so much work on my project, it was more based on playing around ajax to make it more simple and the same for all modules, cleaning some code pieces, few testings. But for tomorrow ( when I’ll get up ) I plan to make few more things suggested by John ( my mentor ), such as  moving CSS and JS into separate files ( it was a reason when I added it into the same file, but now really there is no need in this ), look one more time on data which need to be escaped ( yes, it is easy to forget sometimes to do it ), look one more time on WP coding standards  to review few things ( because of windows programming which I did few months, sometimes I am using whose rules of writing and arranging the code, other times I just can forget and use the rule that I like more, but standards are for sure very important point in open projects ).

That’s all for now, wait for updates today or tomorrow ( who knows how much I’ll sleep : )