BuddyPress Album – Week #8

Sorry for the late update this week.

Midterm is passed and I managed to get multimedia in bp-album working in time, the ‘media module’ system is in place and right now I wrote modules for pics and oEmbed videos, but I’m going to write other modules.

I’m probably not going to code last days of this week because I’m studying for an exam that I’m going to take on monday, the last one for this summer, probably I’ll not pass it anyway but it deserve a try 🙂

After it I’m going to fix bp-moderation bugs and work on bp-album ( merge the progresses on gsoc repo with progress from other repos ).

I have a bunch of ideas for bp-moderation and I’ll not be able to do all them in gsoc period, so in a few days I’ll probably ask here and/or on bp.org forums some feedback on the ones I should prioritize.