Evaluation week went well. Actually we (our team and some BuddyPress hackers like Kunal and Francesco) managed to test the existing progress and even squashed some bugs, all this during an IRC evaluation meetup (logs: start, end).

Now I can say that I achieved the results I was targeting for midterm, and by far I’m happy with them. I also had a chat with John from UI team, will finish a report on UI/UX requirements I need during the upcoming week. A dashboard mockup I target to achieve can be found here, but first I will ask Jeremy for some UX feedback (we had some thoughts regarding some functionalities with Boone).

Now I’m working on Gradebook, and I target for a release this weekend. Once It’s ready, I will start working on some interesting and unusual hacks for my project, like:

  • Get the groups search integration with my Courseware content
  • Pagination for content