Status Update — after the midterm

Hi — midterm’s over and it’s on to the second phase of the project. I’m over with most of the features, and instead of doing a complete roundup I’ve started breaking up and documenting code so that I don’t have to rewrite the last few remaining bits; rather working them in properly formatted and documented once I reach that part. I added quite a few screenshots to last week’s status, if anyone’s interested — particularly, the working edit screen with tinymce, uploading, thumbnail, etc. from the front end.

This week I’ll be cleaning up the code, doing documentation, a bit of refactoring and hooking (adding in filters and hooks everywhere) — breaking up the project into 3 plugins — a one file debugging plugin, a huge bp custom post <-> custom component plugin and, of course, EventPress. In between I’ll also be creating mockups and discussing them with Jane and JJJ to get a final version of the UI (as far as I can make out, there’re going to be lots of options, and fitting them in properly without making them intimidating is going to take a bit of work).

That’s about it for this week’s status update. At the moment I’m rewriting my loops to extend a base loop class instead, just to make them cleaner and reduce the code I’ll have to write for implementing pagination.

I also experimented with dvorak over the weekend, but in the interests of completing EventPress within this decade, I switched back to Qwerty today afternoon — maybe I’ll have another go after GSoC — because even if I dropped from a decent 75wpm to 40wpm, it was much more comfortable.