Theme Support

I heard a request from a few people last week about making the project easier to theme/change the look of etc. Orignally this was just going to be just child theme support and perhaps a control panel for easily changing around some colors. Jane had the idea during one of our chats to make a plugin similar to the BuddyPress Theme Pack. The new plugin would attempt to make any theme IdeaPress compatible with no edits to add the support.

I’ve been working on a plugin based on the BP Theme Pack which goes through the similar steps of moving new templates to the folder. I’ve also added new methods to add support for search features and the score box and the new features on single.php. I have also converted IdeaPress to a plugin with a theme bundled on top. This is how BuddyPress does it and it will make the work a little bit easier, allow me to support uninstall, etc.

This has all turned out pretty nice so far. It still needs a little work to be called completed but it is getting there.

Here are some screenshots of IdeaPress running on different themes: