Message in a bottle

This week, I have further explored task messaging.  The discovery I’ve made is that there is much more use to event-triggered messages than there is for random or even prioritized selection of messages.  Before, the idea was to show messages on a dashboard widget and then display notification messages for select events such as when a new comment is posted.  Now, I have found it is useful to display messaging in a relevant context, hopefully in response to something the user does.

True too, there must come a point where prioritization must play some role to limit the number of messages going through.  Pictured below is what happens after a user makes a new post with no category.  For this particular message to display, the following conditions must also be met:

  • more than 8 posts total
  • more uncategorized posts than categorized
  • there is at least 1 categorized post
  • the new post our message is displayed in response to is also uncategorized

You’ll notice the options given after the message, albeit a simple Yes/No.  The power of that “No” button is that we can inform the displaying tasks that the user is not interested.  This was more the original intention of priority, whereby we can down the road decide not to respond to an event whatsoever.  The new twist this week is that I’m now realizing the power of chaining task messages.  Here, the “add_category” task is responding to an event the “add_post” task throws.  If the user responds by hitting “No”, eventually the system can learn that the user is not interested in messages after posting whatsoever.