BuddyPress Album – Week #9

This week I did more research then coding for the gsoc proj, bp-album will support audio and video by default so I’m looking for appropriate audio and video players.

For audio you probably already know WP Audio Player and I think is good to be the default audio player: simple, good looking, MIT license, already known by a lot of wordpress users.

For video I have two candidates for now: Flowplayer and VideoPress player:

  • Flowplayer is easy customizable and feature rich, there is a GPL free version but it has Flowplayer branding.
  • Videopress is the video solution used by wordpress.com and its released under GPL, it’s not only a player but a complete solution for self-hosting video (client player + server soft), so in the future it would be really interesting working on a complete integration with it, but I still haven’t had time for a deep look in it. Also VideoPress has recently been rewritten but the source is 10 months old.

Of course self-hosting video is something that only big communities can afford, but bp-album also support oEmbed urls so most communities will probably use self hosted pics + oEmbed (this could easily be the default configuration). I don’t know if I’ll be able to put in video processing in first version of the video module, if not self hosted video will need to be already encoded.

Sorry for being so late this week, had some unexpected busy days.

If you have some suggestions please leave a comment 🙂