Status Update

I’m just about finished with code refactoring and documentation — renaming all files to be a bit more explicit, breaking the plugin into 3: bp_custom_posts/, eventpress/ and kb_debug/ adding a few hooks and cleaning up the code/

I also managed to sort out some trouble I was having in college — there were some problems in courses being allotted — which had made my minor degree in Computer Science doubtful. This ate into my time, and reduced the amount of work I could do.

This week, I plan to finish all pending features, add settings pages for the WordPress Admin and BuddyPress front end, as well as creating a variety of pages to act as different ‘views’ for events — calendars, etc. — allowing me to get something approaching a beta version ready by this weekend so that I can start testing the code properly (I’m particularly worried about access/capabilities being mapped properly).

That will leave me with writing external docs and any UI changes that Jane has in mind that I can’t complete within this week for the last week of GSoC.

I’ll be giving a demo/report on EventPress on Friday, at  20.30 UTC on #wordpress-gsoc .