Last week began the final stretch. Following the release of the preview, I focused on finding and fixing bugs and preparing the final features. Amongst other things, I updated the highlight widget to allow users to preview which elements match a given selector (hovering a selector in the list shows all matching elements).

Earlier today I spoke with Beau about the goals for the final project (and accomplished some bug-squashing to boot). We decided that this week I should focus on implementing the last few critical editing features (adding/editing/removing selectors and properties, the point-and-select UI) and improving theme compatibility (accounting for CSS @rules and potentially including @import rules in the model). The editing features are well on their way, and if all goes well @rules should fit into the model nicely. I’d like to provide a method to recompile the output—however, this is likely non-trivial and may have to wait until a later version.

Good luck, everyone!