UPD: You can view page about finished project here.

1. Making some Dashboard Modules more configurable

Such modules as QuickPress and Right Now have no configuration functions at all. I will work around it to add some configuration and more functionality.

Add ability to choose category for new post.
Add configuration to be able to choose if to display inputs for tags, and categories

Right Now
Add one more column with more information (as in image)

Add configuration for displaying or not information about theme, information about WP version, and displayed statistics.

2. Create new Dashboard Modules

I intend to create new modules:

Recent Posts + Scheduled Posts (Posts)
Will look almost the same as Recent drafts, but will output last published and scheduled posts.
Will be added configuration for displayed number of posts, displaying only posts or only drafts.


This module will display users ordered by name and can be configured to show by date of registration. There will be ability to edit users right in module. Also I’ll add ability to create new users right in module.

Recent Images (optional)

Must be a module with last added images (it seems to be not useful for video, music,…) which will display thumbnails and in dependence of configuration with names, additional information, dates, sizes or without.

3. Ajaxifing modules

Configuration of modules will be done through ajax, also user editing, also data update after configuration changes will be done through ajax. Also add live auto-completion module in some places ( like tags in QuickPress ) ( suggested by stas ).

4. Interaction between modules

Adding post and draft via QuickPress will also do automatic update of data in Right Now module. Also when post will be added through QuickPress – this will be displayed in Posts module.

5. UI needs

As I will work at the beginning more on programming part, I will know for sure which UI elements need to be designed a bit later, but most of the things which I suppose to do have similar structures and I can easily copy those styles (html and css is’n a problem for me at all). So in some places I will need some UI help, in others I will need just somebody’s feedback if I implemented existent style correctly.

Thing on which I will need UI help for sure: QuickPress, Right Now (even if I have an approximate image of it, it is just draft), Posts (don’t know how to visually divide recent posts by scheduled), Users and Recent Images.

6. Additional ideas(not for GSoC scope, but interesting for me)

These are ideas that I’d like to include if I have time, but are outside the scope of the GSOC project. If I don’t have time I’ll include them in after the project has finished is them still will be actual. Also fell free to use this ideas as you want.

  • Add ability to give widths for columns in WP Dashboard. (Marko Heijnen idea from mailing list)
  • Remember modules positions for different columns (now if to resize to 1 column and after this to move back to 2 columns – all modules will be in the first column) (maybe even to create modules positions templates – useful when there are multiple users, but dont know how to save: as per user information or as available drop down template chooser with ability to add new configurations and remembering of template for each user)
  • If we will have Recent Drafts, Recent Published and Scheduled then maybe to add drag-n-drop which could be useful if to arrange this 3 blocks in 3 columns (pivotaltracker [img] uses the same functionality that is really cool, but there are no ordering by time, just ordering in this lists, so need to think).
  • For recent posts and recent drafts maybe will be good to add to configuration such thing as add start and end date in which interval you want to see your posts (in days)  (may be good for people who try to trac how much posts they did in last week, month or for those who post every week some defined number and wants not to exceed this) [deviated idea next].
  • [deviated idea from previous] Make a module which will display for example how much posts you did this month(not during 30 days, but from 1st day of the month) and/or this week, how much comments, images, and other stuff you have in such period (may be aberration with such amount of information)

UPD: You can view page about finished project here