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  • Justin Shreve 2:44 am on August 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Not much to report this week. Wrapping u… 

    Not much to report this week. Wrapping up as the pencils down date approaches.

    I did further UI work with Jane on the home page. I also did some code polishing. I will wrap the week up by doing a final sweep of the code and then enjoying a vacation in the mountains of WV.

    I’m very happy with how the project went and will have a beta version available once it is at that level. Be expecting future updates and developments on the project outside of GSoC.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Justin Shreve 5:47 am on August 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    The template pack has been finished and … 

    The template pack has been finished and I’ve tested it on a few different themes from the theme directory. It should be interesting to see how that is used and I’m glad that this feature was suggested.

    I also did my presentation on Friday. There were a lot of lurkers and a few questions asked.

    I’ve done the usual bug finding and fixing to make sure the code is solid.

    I have also been working with Jane on UI things. We have started on the home page and will continue to work on the other sections.

  • Justin Shreve 6:12 am on July 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Last week was a pretty busy week involvi… 

    Last week was a pretty busy week involving  some personal things and also work things unrelated to GSoC.  Of course I do have updates for this!

    I talked with the UI team in the meeting last Tuesday and will do so again tomorrow to see how the mockups are coming along.  I also did further work on the template pack plugin. It is pretty much done and only needs another day or so of work. Hopefully once that is done I will have a finalized UI to work with and can get that part of the project completed. No new screenshots since the template plugin still pretty much functions like before.

    Have a good week everyone.

  • Justin Shreve 4:17 pm on July 20, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Theme Support 

    I heard a request from a few people last week about making the project easier to theme/change the look of etc. Orignally this was just going to be just child theme support and perhaps a control panel for easily changing around some colors. Jane had the idea during one of our chats to make a plugin similar to the BuddyPress Theme Pack. The new plugin would attempt to make any theme IdeaPress compatible with no edits to add the support.

    I’ve been working on a plugin based on the BP Theme Pack which goes through the similar steps of moving new templates to the folder. I’ve also added new methods to add support for search features and the score box and the new features on single.php. I have also converted IdeaPress to a plugin with a theme bundled on top. This is how BuddyPress does it and it will make the work a little bit easier, allow me to support uninstall, etc.

    This has all turned out pretty nice so far. It still needs a little work to be called completed but it is getting there.

    Here are some screenshots of IdeaPress running on different themes:

  • Justin Shreve 5:37 pm on July 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    The past week involved a lot of cleanup … 

    The past week involved a lot of cleanup so there is not much visually to show. I went through to make sure that all the comments described the code and that the code was readable. I also caught a few bugs in the progress. I also completed my midterm evaluation. (Don’t forget yours because Friday is the deadline!)

    In about 30 minutes I will be in participating in the UI chat where part of the agenda is to take a look at some of the home page  mockups the team came up with.

    My plans for the next week are to hopefully implement some of the ideas from the mockups and to implement Nacin’s idea.

  • Justin Shreve 5:37 am on July 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    The project is still progressing very we… 

    The project is still progressing very well. I added some of the features Jane and I discussed in Chicago:

    • Comments can be voted on. Comment voting looks just like solutions and ideas voting but will most likely look simpler when the UI changes are made.
    • There is a special bookmarklet/favorites menu script that allows you to post an idea from any site.
    • A closed and open filter has been added to the search system so we can view just open ideas if we want.
    • When you begin to type tags in the posting form, a live search runs so that you can review possible duplicate postings.

    I also did some general code cleanup concerning things such as prefixing functions/variables, fixing my activation/installer code, language loading, and merging changes from the 3.0 final version of TwentyTen (since I began coding with an older version). Overall, it was a good week for the project.

    I’ll most likely continue fixing things up this week and perhaps work with the UI team. (http://make.wordpress.org/ui/2010/07/01/summary-for-june-29th-2010-ui-chat/)

    Have a good week everyone!

    • Andrew Nacin 4:01 pm on July 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I saw a design from John and was wondering what you’d think about adding colors-$name.css support to the theme. Obviously, there aren’t grandchild themes, and since it’s currently a child of Twenty Ten, then it’ll be difficult to apply an additional skin over it. But being able to choose between color stylesheets might make for nice rudimentary skinning.

  • Justin Shreve 3:10 pm on June 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Last week was an awesome week. The works… 

    Last week was an awesome week. The workshops I mentioned before were quite successful, and I came out of the experience with some new knowledge, new contacts, and a new iPad.

    I also accomplished an amazing amount of work on the GSoC side of things. I finished 4 (yes 4) major points on my scope, which pretty much brings me to the end of my list of planned features.

    1) I completed the report feature, which to the user will look like Craigslist reporting. Users are given some special options for flagging, and if they flag a post, a report will be visible to the moderators. Moderators can either go to a special “reports” page in the ACP or view the recent reports in a new dashboard widget. This feature was built with a special custom post type.

    2) I completed the “popularity” feature, which is essentially just twitter functionality wrapped into the IdeaPress theme as a plugin. This particular plugin is a modified version of the TweetMeme plugin. I cleaned up the code, removed and changed some features to make it specific to IdeaPress, and added localization.

    3) I completed the companion dashboard plugin. Each installation of IdeaPress can release its own special downloadable plugin which adds a new dashboard plugin. This dashboard plugin allows the remote posting of ideas. The thought behind this was that the best ideas for WordPress will come from when someone is actually inside/using WordPress. Mainly this feature was for WordPress.org, but I wanted to create a releasable version as well. Once the summer progresses and an install is used on WordPress.org I may turn that feature into a patch.

    4) The posting limits feature/setting is complete. The admin can set the number of open ideas they want users to be able to post. The thought behind this was to make people think about the feedback they are leaving. The feature can also be turned off.

    Note: As I was working on this setting I realized that we would need some sort of status for marking an idea as closed. I didn’t want to used the comments closed/open status because I thought perhaps an administrator may want comments to be available but also have the idea marked as completed. I decided to go with the ping status because I don’t plan on having trackbacks for ideas anymore. I figured post meta would be too difficult to use because I wanted to be able to run a simple query on the posts table to see how many are open and how many are closed and not have to worry about a meta value not existing on a post. If anyone has a better idea please let me know.

    This leaves me with just some homepage functionality I want to complete before the midterm. That shouldn’t be too difficult because I believe most of the homepage work will be UI items, which I have scheduled for the second half of the summer.

    I also have a small to do list of items that I want to clean up or change, so I will probably also focus on these things. Finally, there are some additional requests I’ve been asked to do (further search filters, voting on comments) which I will also try to complete before the midterm.

    This is the final stretch! Good luck everyone!

    As always here are some screenshots of these features:

  • Justin Shreve 4:14 am on June 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    This past week I ended up being complete… 

    This past week I ended up being completely swamped with work at the University. I’ve been involved for the past 2 years with a program through Kent State University that attempts to improve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in Ohio. Usually the program works with students. But a teacher workshop has been planned, and I have been involved with getting that set up. (Side note: This is pretty much the only other thing I am doing this summer. No classes!) I’ll also be helping out a few more days this week, but by the end of the week I should be back to full WordPress speed again. Oh yeah, I also got an iPad through the program!

    Before I start into what I completed this week, I want to do a brief time and progress check. I am still very much on track. I only have a few more of the main points/features left on my proposal to complete.

    These are:

    Improved Reporting Features (flagging for user and viewing reports for moderators), popularity system (Twitter plugin), posting limits, a dashboard widget plugin, and a redesigned new ideas homepage.

    My proposal blocked out about 21 days for these features, and we have about 22 days left before the midterm is due. The homepage is mostly UI work (the functionality will derive from the other features), which is something that I can work on with the UI team during the rest of the summer. I have also generously padded the days allotted for the above features. Overall, I am feeling pretty good about the progress, and I believe I could end up with extra time to work and improve everything before the midterm.

    This week I was able to work some more on the moderation features. The main feature created was the “summary of resolution” feature which uses custom post types so new “canned responses” (in Gmail terms) can be created and then selected when a moderator is viewing an idea. These responses could say things such as “This idea should be left to plugins.” or “This is not a feature that should be a part of core WordPress” and would be displayed prominently on the Idea page so that users would know the official stance of the community.

    Again, once the workshops wrap up this week I’m going to try to knock out the rest of the moderation and reporting work. Hopefully there should be more to report next week!

    Good luck with your work and enjoy your week!

  • Justin Shreve 12:44 pm on June 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    This week I did three main things on the… 

    This week I did three main things on the project.

    1) I cleaned up the repository quite a bit. The project will include the base theme and some optional plugins, so I needed to move some things around. I now have two separate repositories. One is for the main “IdeaPress” theme (http://gsoc.svn.wordpress.org/2010/jshreve/ideapress/trunk/) and the other one is for the Trac plugin (http://gsoc.svn.wordpress.org/2010/jshreve/ideapress-trac-plugin/trunk/).

    I also did some brief code fixing. I have a habit of getting very unorganized very quickly, so it is always good for me to stop and take a minute to clean up.

    2) I worked on a base for the moderation element (mostly planning, a permission, and some hooks) because that is the next major piece to work on.

    3) I wrote the Trac integration plugin that hooks into the theme. It is a simple script that attaches to a moderation row hook and adds a “Post to Trac” button below the idea. When the button is clicked, the moderator is directed to a Trac posting form and he/she can review the content for the ticket (with all original formatting and a link back to the idea) and then post the ticket if desired. Here is an example ticket.


    This weekend I also tried to de-stress by going camping with friends. It was a nice little break from technology, but I’m back in full swing today. I hope to knock out some of the moderation features next.

    Have a good week everybody.

  • Justin Shreve 1:33 pm on June 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    WordCamp Chicago 

    I apologize now for any typos in this post. I am writing this from a phone on a bus on my way back from Chicago to Cleveland. I do get to use the awesome WordPress iPhone app though!

    I did not get much done in terms of code this week – I did a little work in the admin for managing the roles/permissions for the many new features but still need to figure that out and do more work for it to be complete. No screenshots this week!

    The major thing for this week of GSoC was attending WordCamp Chicago. I got to meet some great people from the .org community, Automattic, pagely, etc (probably to many to list in this post). I also got to hear some awesome speakers.

    After the conference on Saturday, Jane and I got to work on the project together in person. So we did a progress update, decided on some new additions/improvments (new flags for searching, voting comments, etc) and also identified some UI needs.

    In addition to the WordCamp I also decided to do some sight seeing on Monday/Sunday Evening (I promptly fell asleep after the conference Saturday..). It was an awesome first trip to Chicago.

    Have a good rest of the week everybody!

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