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  • kunalb 7:10 pm on June 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Status Update 


    This week went by setting up the WordPress UI, playing around with BuddyPress and setting it up. A screenshot of the backend, as it stands now:

    Events Backend

    Event Admin

    I wanted to avoid adding loads of tiny boxes on the side column — or too many extra wide, but essentially empty metaboxes in the main area. Hence grouping everything into a ‘super’-metabox and allowing non-essential stuff to be disabled. Something I still have to work on is the User registration form, and allowing complete customization from the admin backend (that’s the project for the second half of this week).

    The date/time popup is the Anytime plugin for jquery.

    Currently I’m working on making a function that allows registering custom posts as components in BuddyPress — something that can be essentially summed up as taking bits and pieces of custom posts, wrapping them properly in functions and registering BuddyPress actions from the example component and voila — we have Custom Post Components! 😉 This bit of code is being kept separate from the rest of the plugin so that I can put it up somewhere separately for others to use (if anyone is interested).

    That’s about it for this weeks status update — essentially, I should get a bare bones events plugin ready by this weekend, and then it’s time to add all the extra functionality!

  • kunalb 8:40 pm on May 31, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Weekly Status Update 

    So this week I managed a bit more work than the previous week — and hopefully lesser than I will in the next. I’ve started becoming much more comfortable with the WordPress code-base, moving around much more quickly and understanding what’s going on underneath.

    The past week I’ve spent on starting a TwentyTen child theme for EventPress — both to show how events can be added to existing themes as well as to allow people to get started using events quickly, starting registration — this took me more time than I expected, and should be done by tomorrow. I’m following the way comments have been implemented, and will put in a detailed post as soon as I get it working.

    I’m doing my best to avoid making new tables for registration — how much not making a new table affects performance is something I aim to profile and check after the mid-term break.

    I’ve also done some work for the admin UI — you can read a few more details about what I’m thinking of here. I plan to keep this the same in both WP (backend) and BP (frontend) — getting this part working is my aim for this week/end.

    (For those of you who remember my post-script about the plugin structure, I wrote a post about it here.)

  • kunalb 3:09 pm on May 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply


    The weekly status update: I’ve just about completed my custom post type for WordPress — just working on enabling user registration at the moment. I should be finished soon — in a day or two at max (I’ve already spent more time on this than I had hoped to) and then I’ll be starting work on the BuddyPress component — on which I aim to spend another 1-2 weeks.

    I’ll be switching to the WordPress SVN from the Google Code repository I had been using tonight — the URL for the new SVN is http://gsoc.svn.wordpress.org/2010/kunalb/ for anyone interested.

    (PS: Something I’ve been thinking about a lot: What is your ideal plugin file structure?)

    • scribu 4:51 pm on May 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I try to separate the back-end admin code into it’s own directory and conditionally load it using is_admin(). Other than that, whatever makes sense.

    • Peter Westwood 9:33 pm on May 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      My guides on plugin file structure:

      • Separate folders for separate things: css/js/php includes
      • Keep the number of files in the root folder small
      • Give each include file a meaningful name and functional area
      • kunalb 4:32 pm on May 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I started off with 3 — the main file, and a class each for BP and WP stuff and an assets folder — after some thought I’ve moved to a main file which is basically a loader and for defining constants, folder for assets (subdirs css/js/images) and 3 more folders named m, v and c respectively. With c/main being the actual main controller which loads files as required.

  • kunalb 12:50 am on May 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply


    I’m Kunal Bhalla — I’ve just completed my third year as a Civil Engineering BTech. at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi — currently in Mumbai, India (UTC+5.30). Possibly useful links: the blog for EventPress (the GSoC project), the GSoC Proposal and my personal blog.

    The idea for an events plugin for WordPress came about from my working on many event-related websites for college (festivals, etc.): I wanted to be able to create a site around an event easily and quickly and then just skin it for each event as required. With a bit of work and loads of feedback, this idea became my GSoC proposal:

    An events plugin for WordPress and BuddyPress. Event functionality will be built around the new Custom Post type — for BuddyPress sites, the events will be completely integrated with the Social layer provided (activity streams, groups, forums, etc.).

    I’ll be posting I’ve posted a revised scope as a page on this blog soon.

    • Justin Shreve 5:42 am on May 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Kunal,

      I just read through the proposal. This project looks extremely cool and should also be extremely useful for WordCamp like sites. I work at a department at my University and we hold a lot of events. I can see a plugin like this being used for some of our bigger ones.

      I definitely think it would be cool to integrate custom header/custom background like functionality that themes like twentyten are using. By that I mean make it easy for people to update the look of their event site without having to dive into the code. This doesn’t have to be anything super advanced… Maybe just integrating the custom header, background features and perhaps some way to change some colors. Just a thought. It could be a nice little bonus.

      I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the project overall. Good luck!

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