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  • Stas Sușcov 11:13 pm on August 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , beta, , happy like a pig, , release   

    The D-day, v.0.1-beta release: .zip
    The full features list, in readme.txt

    I’m ready for final evaluation. 🙂

  • Stas Sușcov 7:18 pm on August 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Sorry for posting this a day ahead, but I’ll be offline during this weekend, in the mountains at FLOSSCamp, an independent event held by Free Software enthusiasts at 3rd edition.

    So my progress for this week:

    • Added responses/answers to assignments ( Jane’s request )
    • Added contextual help screen with recommended list of plugins, and a placeholder for future help content ( Boone’s request )
    • Added a new option that allows loading a CSS automatically from your theme folder where you can add styling to your Courseware ( Jeremy’s request )
    • Added iCal export to schedules screen ( Justin’s request )

    Now I’m working on the last two things:

    • Finish notifications/activity streams.
    • Finish dashboards

    Also the look of the whole Courseware will be changed, hopefully in a better way 🙂

  • Stas Sușcov 5:32 pm on July 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    this week was crazy, I mean it.

    I had a new evaluation irc meetup where we proposed the following todo list that has to be finished until the end of GSoC (the checked entries are finished already).

    Probably the biggest improvement for this week is that now, you can create a forum thread for assignment discussions with one click 🙂

    I’ll do my best to get a beta release on Monday!

    P.S.: Jane, I’m waiting for some mockups 😛

  • Stas Sușcov 9:26 pm on July 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    This week I’m busy with some minor functionalities like notification hooks, error messages/handling improvements, and I almost finished the Gradebook CSV importer.

    Thanks to @scribu, I found some nasty bug, I really wish it will get fixed asap being a real pain when using more than one custom taxonomies.

    My project demo is set up for Wednesday 9:00 am. After this meetup I will start working on Dashboards and screens styling (CSS/JS). Maybe we will get a beta release until 1st of August 🙂

  • Stas Sușcov 9:14 pm on July 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Evaluation week went well. Actually we (our team and some BuddyPress hackers like Kunal and Francesco) managed to test the existing progress and even squashed some bugs, all this during an IRC evaluation meetup (logs: start, end).

    Now I can say that I achieved the results I was targeting for midterm, and by far I’m happy with them. I also had a chat with John from UI team, will finish a report on UI/UX requirements I need during the upcoming week. A dashboard mockup I target to achieve can be found here, but first I will ask Jeremy for some UX feedback (we had some thoughts regarding some functionalities with Boone).

    Now I’m working on Gradebook, and I target for a release this weekend. Once It’s ready, I will start working on some interesting and unusual hacks for my project, like:

    • Get the groups search integration with my Courseware content
    • Pagination for content
  • Stas Sușcov 10:36 pm on July 9, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I’m back home from country where I study, unfortunately the travel took almost whole my week.

    So don’t expect too much. I managed to almost finish the schedules (currently rewriting parts of it since we decided to move to jQuery UI cause of too many dependencies) and start working on Gradebook (mostly prototyping).

    On Monday I plan an irc meetup with my mentors, here’s the agenda.

  • Stas Sușcov 7:02 pm on July 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Been busy this week with the school, now its over means I can use my all free time working on the project.
    Currently I’m working hard to finish schedules (half done) and bibliographies, which is a bit more work than I thought before (I’m using a lot post meta and shortcodes api).

    Looking forward next week for review meetup with my mentors and rest of the crew.

  • Stas Sușcov 3:44 pm on June 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Another great week.
    Both my mentors are back and we did a small review of whats done and what needs attention.

    There was a major issue with my project, related to the learning styles in US and in EU which are different, so I had to add some setup settings and write additional code to handle US learning style. All seems to work now as expected.

    Also the assignments component is ready for testing. Bibliographies are coming along since we came with the idea that both courses and assignments will require them, so the delay is part of the plan.

    About the midterm evaluation. I still got two weeks from now, which I plan to use for schedules component and gradebook (yay!). This way the first milestone will be achieved and during the second milestone I will start working on UI/UX aspects of the project. Documentation is ok so far, since I’m using as much as I can inline docs in my code.

  • Stas Sușcov 3:48 pm on June 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, great week for two reasons (at least):

    1. WordPress 3.0 release, congrats to the dev team
    2. I’m back on schedule

    In short:

    Screens on blog.
    Till next time.

  • Stas Sușcov 9:33 pm on June 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    The profile roles and administration for it is done. Heading up to custom post types and course UI/Screen.
    Also, while writing this part I was using a lot BuddyPress xProfiles, this resulted to a ticket in trac and a new filter (thanks @jjj), so basically we are improving BuddyPress while writing the LMS which is awesome. Also thanks to @francescolaffi for pointing to xProfiles api. 🙂

    More screens and updates.

    Code is on svn. I’m also working hard to keep synced with proposed timeline 😐

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