My GSoC project is basically a BuddyPress aware Events Plugin. The features I plan to implement (by mid term):

  • Basic event creation and registration.
  • Complete integration with BuddyPress — activity streams, groups and forums for events. Essentially, work on a mapping capabilities for custom post types in some way to the various buddypress features.
  • Allow creating events from the front-end in BuddyPress.
  • Widgets, directories for events.
  • Support maps.
  • Maintaining hooks, filters everywhere to allow for easy extensibility — such as paypal integration.
  • Allow adding custom meta data to events.

The only notable change from the proposal is not including media support — essentially photo albums for events — in the interests of completing everything before the midterms and have enough time for code cleanup. If, by a miracle, I happen to go ahead of schedule, I’ll try and add it in.